Quality Sharpeners For Every Tool Sharpening Job

MetroGreen stocks a unique range of sharpeners covering Diamond Sharpeners and Stones from ARS and Felco through to the high quality unique Tungsten Sharpeners from Swiss manufacturer Swiss Istor. Swiss Istor currently has 3 tungsten tool sharpeners in their range that offer a quick, easy and innovative way to sharpen all kinds of tools from kitchen knives, scissors, secateurs, loppers and in fact anything for any tool sharpening application...including serrated knives. The simple to use tool sharpeners come in 3 sizes with the large version also offering a diamond sharpener for damaged or extremely blunt edges. Swiss Istor has proved valuable in many markets and is especially liked for the fact that they don’t clog up or require cleaning like many other conventional sharpeners on the market.

Convenient Blade Sharpening Solutions

MetroGreen also stocks the Fiskars Axe sharpener for easy sharpening of axes and other garden tools. The Fiskars sharpener makes blade sharpening easy and effective especially for users that are always on the run and don’t have excess time.

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