SWISS-iSTOR Standard Sharpener

The 'Standard' Swiss made sharpener is a simpler version of the 'Professional' version.


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The 'Standard' Swiss made sharpener is the ideal sharpening tool for all kinds of blades! Extremely easy to use, the 'Standard' sharpener is a simpler version of the 'Professional' sharpener . This sharpener is a definite investment for your home, workshop, hunting pack, tackle box, or anything that requires sharpening and is small enough to fit in your pocket or glove box! Suitable for all types of blades including serratted edges. Used correctly, your SWISS iSTOR SHARPENER will not form a shoulder on the blade thus maintaining the edge and sharpness of the blade for a longer time.

  • Made in Swizterland
  • iSTOR Concave Composite Sharpener for fine tuning
  • Aluminium casing/hand grip
  • Comes with attractive gift packaging
  • Length: 10cm