Heavy Duty Litter Pickers for all types of Litter collection

MetroGreen stocks a wide range of the EZ Reacher Litter Pickers, designed as a heavy duty option for Councils, Groundsmen, Park Rangers, and Cleaners. The EZ Reacher Litter Picker is a 'built-tough' heavy duty, no-rust litter pickup tool for the toughest jobs in industrial and maintenance settings. You will be able to easily pick up everything from broken glass to a brick without painful bending, and hold it firmly and safely. The added bonus of these pickers is that the suction cups have the ability to pick up items as small as a 0.5mm drill bit lying of smooth concrete - or for that matter a Syringe Needle. Lengths available are 0.81m and 1.01m. The longer version is ideally suited to mower operators and those needing a little extra reach than the standard length, which is designed for operators walking/riding, collecting and dropping the debris into a bag.