Samurai Diamond Sharpener for hardened tooth saws

The perfect option for sharpening your impulse hardened Japanese saws including Samurai, ARS and Silky.


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The Samurai DFH-70 Diamond Sharpener is perfect for bringing up the vital edges of your Japanese Turbo-Cut Pruning Saws. While especially designed for impulse hardened Samurai saws, this sharpener can also be used on ARS and Silky options.

DFH-70 sharpener can touch up the very hard impulse-hardened saw teeth that traditional non-diamond sharpeners can't touch. The angled blade allows the sharpener to get into the very tightest of spaces on the saw's teeth. Can also be used on other cutting tools.

PLEASE NOTE: The longevity of this sharpener can be effected by the brand of saw being sharpened.  E.g. Silky & ARS saws have particularly hard teeth and the diamond particles on the sharpener will wear off faster than if you are sharpening a Samurai model with the same impulse hardened teeth.

  • Made in Japan.
  • Diamond file sharpener (File with diamond power on the surface)
  • Keep your Samurai saw blades at peak performance plus sharpen other cutting tools in your toolbox.
  • Blade Length: 70mm
  • Blade Width: 17mm