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Samurai 'Musha' Sheathed Self-cleaning Straight Blade Saw 240mm

The Samurai 'Musha' saw has special raker teeth designed for softwood cutting.

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Samurai Saws from Kanzawa Seiko in Japan are the perfect example of Japanese quality - but at an affordable price. The 240mm 'Musha' Straight Blade Saw comes complete with a sheath that can be easily attached to a waist belt. This saw’s special teeth were designed for softwood cutting. The aggressive raker teeth quickly plow through soft woods and the deep gullets carry away the debris keeping the saw teeth clean. The hollow ground blade and impulse hardened teeth allows it to cut smoothly and stay sharper longer than conventional saws. It can be used at any position but it is particularly well suited for cutting below shoulder height.

Razor Sharp Impulse Hardened Teeth
Raker Tooth configuration assists in clearance of debris
Blade is Hard Chrome Plated
Rubberised Ergonomic Handle
Replacement Blades Available
Suitable for Domestic and Commercial Use

Blade Length: 240mm
Tooth Pitch: 4mm
Made in Japan