Zero Pinnacle Zertec Vent Helmet

The ZERO® Pinnacle ZERTEC helmet features Koroyd welded tubes which crush uniformly on impact, reducing the risk of injury.


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True innovation for advanced head protection to meet the most stringent industry demands of the future. The ZERO® Pinnacle ZERTEC helmet has integrated Koroyd technology for maximum energy absorption.

With superior reduction of energy from impacts sustained (EN12492) when working at heights, at industrial workplaces and by mechanical devices; ZERTEC responds to the requirements for premium head protection that may reduce the risk of head and brain injuries.

Certified to hybrid industrial & mountaineering standards for advanced head protection, (EN12492 & EN397) with an ABS advanced Thermo Material shell exterior.

The ZERO® Pinnacle range is easy to accessorize with easy to fit hearing protection, direct fitting protective visors and lamp connection systems.

What is Koroyd? Koroyd’s honeycomb look is a result of precise extrusion and a unique thermal welding process that leads to a structure with extremely efficient and consistent energy absorption properties. Upon impact the cores crush decelerating the energy from the impact and reducing the final trauma levels. Koroyd also allows for vastly improved airflow around the head without sacrificing protection.


Made in Italy
10 Year Lifespan
Multi-impact head protection (EN 12492).
Hybrid industrial and mountaineering head protection.
Exterior Shell ABS plastic
Inside protection in high-density EPS polystyrene.
Lightweight and comfortable, only 430gms.
Slots for fitting most cap-attach ear protectors.
Visors can be direct fitted to helmet.
Inner Textile padding is removable and washable.
Adjustable chinstrap, will not release under force of F>500N

Meets standards: EN 12492:2012; EN397:2012; EN50365:2002