Metallo Industrial Knife with Wooden Handle 23cm

The Metallo 960140 Harvest Knife has a 23cm high quality high-carbon steel blade with wooden handle.


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The Keizerskroon Metallo range includes a wide range of knives, such as knives with wooden handles, PE handles, and pocket knives. The knives are made of the highest quality materials, and are available in several models. The knives are used within the agri and horticultural industries, as well as by fruit growers, florists and the food processing industry.  


The Metallo 960140 Harvest Knife is a high quality 23cm knife designed in Holland and manufactured in Germany from world renowned Solingen steel. Ideal for commercial harvesting of vegetables. High-carbon steel blade with wooden handle.

Made in Germany
High Carbon Solingen Steel Blade

Blade Length: 230mm
Total Length: 340mm
Total Weight: 126g
Handle Type: Wooden