Nishigaki Pro 200 Leaf Cutting Shears 150mm Blade N-208

Nishigaki Pro 200 are an extremely lightweight but tough, easy-to-use Leaf Cutting Shear.


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The Nishigaki Pro 200 Leaf Cutting Shears are a functional, lightweight shear. The blades are made of high-grade cutlery steel which are hard chromed plated, making them easy to clean and resistant to rust. The handle is made from a lightweight aluminium.

The 150mm blades have excellent durability and sharpness, and the handle features a removable guard to help protect your hands.

Extremely high quality product - made in Japan.

Optional extra quality leather pouch also available for safe storage of the shears - Nishigaki Leather Pouch

  • Hard Chrome Plated 150mm blades that is resistant to tar and rust.
  • The cutting edge is mirror-finished to achieve a smooth sharpness.
  • Handle is made from lightweight aluminium.
  • Features a removable hand guard to help protect the hand.
  • Replaceable spring.
  • Latch to keep shears closed when not in use.
  • Full Length: 300mm
  • Blade Length: 150mm
  • Weight: 270g
  • Made in Japan.