Wynyard Quarter, Auckland Waterfront

Wynyard Quarter on the Auckland Waterfront is now a perfect example of where Sea meets City. MetroGreen is extremely proud to have been involved in what is one of the most beautiful areas of New Zealand's largest city.

Work began in August 2010 at Wynyard Quarter, and the new Citygreen Stratacell SC250-60 Series was used extensively in this project to provide a perfect growing environment for native coastal trees and shrubs in rain gardens. This was a difficult task due to the fact that the area had been previously been contaminated by historic activities including fuel leakage from the nearby bulk storage tank farm. Concrete block bunkers or plastic lined pits were built to assist in keeping contaminated soil separate from the healthy soils in the rain gardens.

The re-establishment of trees and native coastal species has enhanced the waterfront setting from what was once a bland industrial area, and will attract an increased number of native birds and other species back into the area. The careful selection of plant species will assist this and minimise overall water use. Wynyard Quarter is a Sea+City Waterfront Development Project which used current best practice as the baseline to develop an Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) strategy that will evolve over the life of the project and encompass emerging ESD trends relevant to New Zealand.

The first stage of Wynyard Quarter was completed in 2011 in time for the Rugby World Cup and has proved to be the beginning of a great revival for the spectacular Auckland Waterfront.

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