Victoria Avenue, Whanganui

Existing London plane trees in Victoria Avenue, Whanganui have caused headaches for the Whanganui District Council. Because of their rigorous root growth, paved areas and curbs were damaged resulting in the necessary removal of the trees.

MetroGreen was able to provide a successful solution in the form of Root Cells when new replacement trees were planted in 2010. Not only are paved pedestrian footpaths and curbs now protected but the Citygreen Root Cells will also provide structural stability for the nearby carriageway.

Due to the success of this project, Whanganui District Council have carried out a further 3 tree replacement projects in the Whanganui CBD.

The health and growth of these trees can been seen in our photo update in December 2015. In five years the growth of these trees has been excellent with no damage to surrounding cobblestones or kerbing.

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