Quay Street, Auckland Waterfront, Auckland, New Zealand

The Quay Street enhancement project commenced in mid 2019 as part of the 6 project Downtown Programme. The Programme, jointly delivered by Auckland Council and Auckland Transport, is creating a revitalized waterfront area with wider footpaths, easier navigation, new street furniture, more trees, and greater opportunity for business and events.

MetroGreen is pleased to have been involved in another exciting project in Auckland City that is seeing a huge enhancement of our country's largest city.  The Citygreen Stratacell 60 Series system was used extensively to provide optimum growing conditions for transplanted mature and young specimen trees such as the native Pōhutukawa. 

The project commenced in mid 2019 and completion is scheduled for May 2021.

Quay Street is a popular and significant street in the city centre. It connects people to Tāmaki and Aotearoa through ferries, buses, trains and cruise liners. Quay street is a gateway to Auckland City and over the next 10 years, there is an expected eight-fold increase in people using this space to get into and around the City Centre, highlighting its importance as a people focused place.

By retaining Quay Street’s function as a destination and reducing its use as a through road, an attractive waterfront street has been created that safely accommodates multiple modes of transport and enhances connections between the city centre and the waterfront.

A revitalized waterfront street has been created with wider footpaths, a lower 30km/hour speed zone, street furniture, trees and raingardens.  A cycleway has also been added that is separated from other traffic.


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