Pukeahu National War Memorial Park, Wellington

Pukeahu National War Memorial Park officially opened on 18 April 2015. The opening ceremony was attended by several thousand people with thousands more visiting the Park during the day.  This park is of National significance and was designed and built in time for the 100 year commemorations on ANZAC Day 2015.

A number of different species of trees were used in this project including our native Pohutukawa & Kowhai, Australian Eucalyptus, and Olive Trees. 

MetroGreen & Citygreen's involvement in this project was extensive and our products were used in both the New Zealand and Australian sections of this park.  The Strata Cell in the 30 & 60 series were used along with the Rootrain Aeration systems and ReRoute & Rootstop Root Barriers.  We are extremely pleased with the outcome of this project and wish to thank the Memorial Park Alliance and associated Landscape Architects, Engineers and Contractors for their excellent co-operation.

You can view features of this project on the Ministry of Culture & Heritage's website at http://www.mch.govt.nz/pukeahu/park/redevelopment,or Core Education's LEARNZ website at http://www.learnz.org.nz/memorialpark.

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