Darby/Elliott Street,

MetroGreen has been instrumental in the upgrade of the Auckland public open spaces and streetscapes, which received an “unprecedented number of accolades” this year.

The Darby/Elliott Street project began in November 2010 and the CityGreen® modular StrataCell system® was used extensively for the successful planting of the native 'Nikau' palms. These palms are growing well and have remained healthy due to the perfect soil conditions below the surface - provided by the Citygreen Stratacell system. The structural soil system features almost 5 times more available growing media compared to the traditional rock/soil method, therefore facilitating healthy root growth.

The Auckland CBD Shared Spaces program has resulted in vastly improved conditions for pedestrian activity in high quality central city spaces. This has attracted more people, more street-based activity and fewer vehicles.

Please click HERE for a full report on the Auckland City Council Shared Space program and the involvement that MetroGreen and Citygreen have had with the projects completed so far.

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