Christchurch Justice & Emergency Services Precinct, Christchurch

The Christchurch Justice & Emergency Services Precinct is the largest multi-agency government co-location project in New Zealand’s history and the first major public building to be built in Christchurch by the government since the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. The Precinct is an opportunity to return justice and emergency services in Christchurch not just to their pre-earthquake state, but to a position where they can provide better public services through innovation and new ways of collaborating.

MetroGreen is pleased to be involved with the installation of the Citygreen Stratavault Structural Soil Cells being used in a section of the tree planting on this project.  New Zealand TÄ« KŬćuka (Cabbage Trees) will be planted in the completed pits.

Tree planting work started in April 2017 and the cells were placed in a paved area on the corner of Lichfield and Durham Streets.  By utilising the Citygreen Stratavault system, this has allowed paving to be placed close to the base of the tree while optimum conditions for tree growth and care are still provided below the surface. 

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