Apia Waterfront Redevelopment, Apia, Samoa

The Apia Waterfront Redevelopment carried out in 2018 is a joint initiative by MNRE, through the Planning and Urban Management Agency (PUMA) and the Samoa Tourism Authority. The project was carried out with the financial and technical support from the Government of New Zealand, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The people of Samoa celebrated their Independence Day in 2019 on a new purpose-built event space in front of the Government building in Apia. The Event Space and Clock Tower Boulevard projects located in downtown Apia will provide a ceremonial space and a pedestrian connection currently missing in the central waterfront area. The two projects were identified in the Apia Waterfront Plan with the aim to improve connection and the use of the waterfront for locals and visiting tourists by providing venues for events, and recreational and cultural experiences.

The New Zealand Aid Programme, which is managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, is providing funding as part of a wider programme of support for a sustainable tourism industry in Sāmoa. Leading the design of these projects are Beca International Consultants with support from their local partner OSM Consultants. The design lead for the project, Tom Abbott, a Landscape Architect within the Beca Design Practice, says the two projects will be the first of many active aid funded projects to be realised, and it’s hoped they will encourage more visitors to spend time in central Apia.

MetroGreen was pleased to supply the Citygreen Strata Vault System and Platipus Tree Anchors into this project, through close collaboration with Beca and their local contractors Feagaimaleata Landscaping in Apia.

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