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Prolock® ½" Wide x 76m Poly Chain-Lock Tree Tie

Utilize for trees, plants & more. Designed for staking trees and shrubs. Also can be used for holding plants to trellises, lattice or other structures. 76m per carton.


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ProLock® from Dimex LLC USA is strong & multifunctional. Made of durable, high-density polyethylene, ProLock® is stronger than most competitive chain lock products. ProLock® simply pulls through itself and twisted into a locking position. It’s also treated with UV inhibitors to prevent cracking or breaking down due to sun exposure. The carton offers efficient dispensing of just the length needed, saving time and materials.

Holds support stakes to smaller trees
Holds climbing plants to trellises, arbors & lattice
Holds tomato plants to stakes
Holds grapevines to support wires
Also great for bundling cords & hoses!

Material: High density polyethylene with UV inhibitor
Weight: 1.36kg per 76m roll (nominal)
Width: 11.43mm (nominal)
Thickness: 2.03mm (nominal)
ProLock® Poly Chain Lock Tree Tie products pass the following: Ultraviolet and Weathering Tests per Federal Std. 191 A Method 5804. Low Temperature Flexibility & Cracking Test per Federal Std. 501 Method 6511 at -1°C.