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ROOTRAIN URBAN - Single Inlet 3m Version

The RootRain Urban is particularly suited to roadside verge and open space tree planting. Diameter approx. 900mm


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By far the biggest contributor to the high mortality rates suffered by urban trees is drought stress. Water is vital for the growth of trees. It is not only required for all the biochemical requirements for growth photosynthesis, respiration and transport, but also mechanical support to leaf and stem tissue. Insufficient (or inefficient) watering will result in loss of leaf turgor and consequent reduction in new shoot extension. Eventually this will lead to die-back and, if not remedied, the loss of the tree. Waiting until the tree shows signs of drought stress before watering is known as reactive irrigation. Whilst this might keep the tree alive, it will often result in stem die-back and possibly long term structural defects in the tree. Research has shown that trees irrigated proactively i.e. by implementing a regular watering regime, have over three times the weight of new roots growing into backfill soil material compared to those watered reactively. A large capacity irrigation system with a fixed non-removable grid inlet. The grid allows water and air through but prevents ingress of litter and debris. The RootRain Urban is particularly suited to roadside verge and open space tree planting. The inlets are trimmer resistant and can be set below mowing machine height. They have very little vandal appeal and no theft value, making them ideal for housing estates and public areas. Contact MetroGreen for assistance with design and CAD detailing, and for step by step installation instructions.

Large capacity 65mm watering circuit.
Easy and quick installation.
Cost effective on the largest or smallest schemes.
Extremely vandal resistant.
Discreet and unobtrusive appearance.

Approx. diameter: 900mm
Includes 1 x single inlet, 3m x 65mm Polydrain and 1 x "T" Junction