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ARS "CAM" Series Sheathed Saw with Straight Blade

The ARS CAM saws are extremely popular in orchards and vineyards. Available in 18cm or 24cm lengths.

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This Turbocut saw is extremely popular in orchards and vineyards. The sturdy sheath keeps your saw handy on your belt and there is a convenient locking clip at the top to stop the saw falling or bouncing out. There are 2 blade lengths available - 18cm or 24cm long and these can be easily replaced. Replacement blade codes are AR18LN1(18cm option) and AR24LN1 (24cm option). The Chemical Nickel Plated Turbocut blades can also be easily resharpened using an ARS AR9F10 Sharpening File.

Japanese Turbocut Saw Blade
Can be resharpened
Made in Japan

Lengths: 18cm or 24cm