Sunya P-Hawk 27 Geared Bypass Lopper

Sunya's geared-action bypass lopper gives you optimum power and comfort in the garden or on the job.


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The Sunya P-Hawk 27 is a tough geared-action bypass lopper that has good reach and cutting capacity while also not being to heavy to hold.  Strong but lightweight aluminium handles with comfortable ergonomic grips.

With a 40mm∅ cutting capacity, these loppers will allow you to easily trim most trees and shrubs in your garden without effort!  Ideal for both hard and soft woods.

Bypass geared cutting action

Made in Taiwan

Length: 750mm
Cutting capacity: 40mm∅
Weight: 1050g

Blade: Fully heated SK5 high carbon steel with non-stick plating. 

Hook: Fully heated S50C carbon steel with non-stick plating.

Handle: Anodized aluminium tube with PVC grip.