Solo 425 Backpack Sprayer 15Ltr with Piston Pump

The Solo 425 is a professional 15Ltr backpack sprayer with piston pump. Made in Germany.


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The Solo 425 is a professional 15Ltr backpack/knapsack sprayer with piston pump. Manual spray pressure adjustment to 1-2-3-4 bar/15-30-45-60psi. Wide padded straps. Individual pump handle assembly for right and left handed users. Please Note: This sprayer is not recommended for use with marker dye, abrasive spray or wettable powders as these substances can scour the piston and cylinder of the pump. The tried and tested Solo backpack - the world's No.1 backpack sprayer!

Made in Germany

Pump type: Piston
Capacity: 15Ltr
Spray pressure bar max: 6
Wand length: 50cm
Dry weight: 4.3kg