Idealspaten Lawn Rake 700mm

An effective rake for lawn preparation, raking leaves & thatch etc.


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Manufactured by Idealspaten in Germany, this rake is 700mm wide with fine teeth for preparing lawns for sowing etc.  An excellent rake for leveling and removing clods of dirt, stones and other annoying debris.  Also great from raking leaves or thatch after you have scarified your lawn.  Supplied with a 1.5m Beech wood handle.

The rake is designed to be light and easily able to glide over the surface, however the teeth are held by heavy-duty welds in case it catches on roots or rocks.  This rake is not designed for moving large amounts of dirt - it is a preparation rake only.

Please note that the rake will feature a slight bow due to the welding in the manufacturing process.  This should not effect the performance of the rake. 

  • 40 Steel Tines with a tine pitch of 18mm
  • Includes 1500 x 28mm Beech wood handle
  • Made in Germany
  • Working width: 700mm