Clogger Altitude Arborist Chainsaw Boots Gen2

The Gen2 Clogger arborist boot is designed to be the ultimate all rounder - versatile for use in the tree, on the ground and machines while also being safe, tough and comfortable for long days in the field


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The all-new Clogger Altitude arborist chainsaw boot is designed to provide a unique combination of comfort, durability and all-in-one versatility while exceeding the EN ISO 17249 Class 2 standard.

The Gen2 boot takes Gen1 learning, combined with adjustments made during extensive trialing, to deliver a true multipurpose boot. Rigid enough to perform well in spurs/spikes while flexible for use on the ground.  Add to that a comfortable fit from Day 1 and the use of rugged components for a long life, we expect the Gen2 to become a favourite.

Size Euro Size UK
39 6
40 7
41 7.5
42 8
43 9
44 9.5 - 10
45 10.5
46 11
47 11.5 - 12
48 13
  • Chainsaw resistant upper lining in accordance with EN ISO 17249: 2014 Class 2, certified to 24 m/s. Safety toe in accordance with EN ISO 20345, Class I. Antistatic (A).
  • Energy absorbent heel (E). Puncture resistant midsole (P). Water resistant upper (WRU). Heat resistant sole (HI). Fuel oil resistant outsole (FO). Slip resistant (SRA).
  • Uses durable brushed 2.4-2.6 mm Nubuck leather uppers to help the boot hold its shape over time, a soft leather lined cuff for better comfort and a high rubber rand for extra wear resistance
  • Lightweight design at just 1.17 kg (Size 43 boot)
  • Features AquaStop permeable layer that is waterproof but is fully breathable to reduce moisture build up
  • Includes a deep 3D lining to provide a comfortable experience, prevent wear points and offer additional ventilation
  • A stainless steel reinforced insole for better rigidity in trees when using spurs /spikes with a Kevlar anti-perforation layer added for additional protection
  • Shank construction incorporating a 8.0-12.0 mm layer of rubber added at the ideal density of 700-950 N/m3 to provide a comfortable foot board for long work days
  • Ultra rugged,Vibram Teton rubber outsole for designed to allow the boot to fit in narrow branch forks and formulated to be sticky in the tree but hard wearing on ground
  • Multi-zone lacing system for a fast and secure fit with rugged, corrosion resistant hardware using ball bearing loops on the lower zone and double riveted speed hooks on the mid and upper zones
  • Developed in New Zealand and Italy.  Italian made

Weight: 1.17 kg per boot (Size 43)