Wholesale Range Of High Quality Wood Axes From Europe

At MetroGreen we stock a simple but effective range of high quality wood axes from Europe. Our Idealspaten range includes Axes, Hatchets and Splitting Hammers with traditional European Ash and American Hickory handles. Idealspaten axes are all made in Europe – predominantly Germany and the quality is unparalleled! The ringing sound when you tap the axe head shows just how good quality they really are and their unique shape gives the axe heads an effective cutting power especially when they're maintained using quality tool sharpeners.

Wood Chopping Axe Or Splitting Axe? We Have An Axe For Every Job!

Fiskars from Finland also offers a unique range of axes that really do complete the job they claim they will do! Offering a line-up of Hatchets, Axes and Splitters, these axes all feature the unique FibreComp handles that minimises fatigue and make the wood chopping axe virtually unbreakable. The coated heads reduce the risk of jamming and are easy to clean. MetroGreen has chosen the Idealspaten and Fiskars axes as their preferred splitting axe brands not only because of demand but also because they represent the quality that MetroGreen is all about.

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