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Wedgetek Felling Wedge 8"

MADE IN NEW ZEALAND. Wedgetek wedges are manufactured using a super high molecular weight engineering resin that outlasts cheaper ABS options.


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Wedgetek wedges are manufactured using a super high molecular weight engineering resin. The material has excellent impact strength and does not accumulate internal stress after repeated impact. Therefore, there is no wedge failure through cracking and/or exploding into pieces causing eye and facial injuries.

The Wedgetek wedges are proving their value in the New Zealand forestry industry reducing injuries, therefore enforced down time. The economics of using Wedgetek wedges are undeniable. A substantial increased ‘life’ of the wedge; Fluro green colour ensures wedge loss rate is greatly reduced; A greatly reduced injury rate / down time rate; the wedges don’t fail under normal usage. 

Cheaper commonly used wedges are manufactured using ABS (acrylonitrile / butadiene / Styrene). ABS is a cheap commodity resin with poor impact strength and poor resistance to internal stress buildup after repeated heavy impact. The result is wedge cracking and failing, with pieces of material causing eye and facial injuries to the user. While the Wedgetek wedge resin cost is approx. 3.5 times that of the commonly used ABS, the old saying: “you get what you pay for..” is very true.

Consider all the advantages: cost of product, safety of the product, ‘life’ of product, performance of the product. You will not be disappointed!

Also available in a 10" option

HI-STRENGTH - TOUGH (superior to ABS)
Manufactured in NZ utilizing the latest developments in engineering resin technology.
Resistance to stress build-up through repeated heavy impact.
ENSURES OPERATOR SAFETY from facial and eye injury through wedge failure.
Barbed on one face – No fly-back
Smooth on other face – Allows stacking

Made in New Zealand
Length: 8" (20cm)