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Petzl Spatha Rescue Knife

Petzl's rescue knife that easily clips onto the harness with a Petzl Caritool or similar carabiner.


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The Petzl SPATHA clippable knife is designed to accompany the climber on every outing. The profile of the blade allows easy cutting of ropes and cordage. It has a hole for a carabiner to attach it to the harness. It is easy to manipulate with its textured wheel, even when wearing gloves, and can be locked in the open position. An essential tool to have on hand. 115mm in closed position.


Made in France
Guarantee 3 years
Smooth/serrated combo blade easily cuts ropes and cordage
Hole for attaching the knife to the harness with a CARITOOL tool holder or a carabiner
Notch in the blade for opening the knife with bare hands
Textured wheel for opening the blade when wearing gloves
Mechanism for locking the blade in the open position
Stainless steel blade for improved durability

Material(s): stainless steel, nylon
Length: 115mm (closed), 175mm (open)