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TreeMOTION Shoulder Straps

Upper Assembly for the treeMotion Harness.


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Upper Assembly for the treeMotion Harness.
Some climbers simply prefer to work with a shoulder system. Others like the ability to add a load carrying ‘upper harness’ during tree dismantling operations when many tools may be carried. Another variation is to use shoulder straps to suspend a Chest-Mounted Rope Clamp during ascent. For this reason treeMotion has a two part system that can be configured how you want, depending on the demands of the work ahead of you.
This Upper Assembly is NOT for use in PPE (personal protective equipment) systems.


  • Genuine Original Equipment for treeMOTION harness
  • NOT FOR PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Easy to install
  • Made in the Austria by Teufelberger