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TreeMOTION Replacement Bridge

Genuine replacement rope bridge for the TreeMOTION harness


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Genuine replacement rope bridge for the TreeMOTION harness. If the green mantle on your TreeMOTION bridge is ruptured (by cutting, heat or abrasion) or the bridge rope diameter has changed in any way it should be replaced immediately with a genuine replacement bridge. A competent person should undertake the replacement process. The stopper knots must be able to stand a 2kN (200kg) force and the knot tail length should be 5-times the diameter of the rope bridge. Make sure the bridge stopper knot is properly set and dressed. 

The TreeMotion bridge is constructed with a woven 24-plait polyester cover with an intermediate sheath made of staple fibres. The core is Dyneema SK75 which is very strong and abrasion resistant. The bridge features a double braid construction.

Genuine original spare part for TreeMOTION harness
Suits use with DMM Axis Swivel
Field replaceable
Stitched 'tail' seam
Factory knotted and stitched at one end
Robust polyester sheath
Made in the Austria by Teufelberger

Suits both models of the TreeMOTION harnesses