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Panther Spikes Carbon Fibre with Synthetic Foot Strap + Carry Bag

Panther Spikes are new to New Zealand. They have been manufactured in the Czech Republic since 1991 and the products were distributed to the whole world through a German partner. Panther Spikes manufacture tree-climbing spikes in a wide range of colours and variants of hooks, spikes, shells and fixing elements. They use quality proven materials and safety procedures.


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Panther Spikes climbing tracks basically have 4 main components

The main supporting element is a hook , it is made of carbon and is therefore very light with 840 grams per climbing track. the construction of the different layers of carbon and the design of the hook makes these carbon climbing tracks extra strong but also flexible. The low weight makes climbing a lot more pleasant with the Carbon climbing tracks. Carbon climbing spurs are supplied in a storage bag.

The second supporting element is the spikes. They are all cast from alloy steel (Cr, Ni, Mo). The points have a special shape, so that the spikes with a leather strap (lower attachment around the ankle) can go between the spike and the hook, which ensures a firm and stable grip of the foot. There are three types of spikes short, medium and long. These are available separately.

The third element is the scale. These parts are made of fiberglass and supported by carbon fiber so they are sturdy, light and also a bit flexible. There is pad in the bowl. Our pads also have a unique design. They are comfortable, they ventilate and do not retain dirt.

The fourth element is the fastening straps.  The upper fastening around the calf is made by a wide strap with Velcro. The bottom attachment is a leather strap or Velcro.

  • Free bag for carrying the spikes around in.
  • Velcro or  fastening straps around the calves
  • Velcro fastening straps at the feet
  • The pads are comfortable, they ventilate and do not retain dirt.
  • Spikes come in 2 different lengths: Short and Long
  • Protective covers for the spikes



  • Maximum Load rating: 120kgs
  • Height 46 cm
  • Calf circumference from 35 to 48 cm
  • Lightweight, only 838 grams each
  • Carbon frame