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Buckingham Tree Climbers Complete - Long Gaffs

Buckingham Climbers have long been at the heart of the arborist industry. A complete set of climbers, pads and straps.


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Buckingham Tree Climbers have long been the industry standard in New Zealand for decades and are renowned for their durability. The leg irons are draw forged from selected high strength grades of steel and the gaffs are forged from certified aircraft quality steel. These climbers are equipped with dowel and screw style replaceable gaffs set in steel contoured straight shanks. Equipped with the 2-1/2" tree gaff. Complete climbers set with deluxe "L" pads, 22" nylon leg straps and two part nylon foot straps. Alternative pad options are available. Spare parts incl. gaffs and fasteners available on request.

Contoured shank
Straight stirrup
Dowel & screw replaceable gaff
2239 nylon leg straps
21391 nylon foot straps
3122 climber pads