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Hitch Climber Eccentric Kit

Hitch Climber kit comes complete with 1 x Red DMM Eccentric Hitchclimber Pulley, 1x Donaghys 8mm 850mm Eye 2 Eye Prussic and 2x Oval Carabiners of your choice. (Climbing Technology or DMM Locksafe)


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1x DMM Hitch Climber Eccentric Pulley

1x Donaghys 8mm Armor-Prus 850mm Eye 2 Eye prussic cord

2x Oval Carabiners of your choice (Climbing Technology or DMM Locksafe)

DMM Eccentric Hitch Climber:

Strength: 32 Kn

Weight: 180g

Sheave ∅: 30mm

Max Rope∅: 14mm

Certified: EN 12278

Donaghys 8mm Armor-Prus  Eye 2 Eye Prussic:

Cord Brand: Armor-Prus

Diameter: 8 mm

Length: 800 or 850 mm

Strength: 2800 kg

EN Certification: NONE

Cover Melt: 234°C

Sheath: Polyester Aramide

Core: Spectra 900

Climbing Technology Oval Carabiner:

Weight: 73 grams

Dimensions: 11.1 X 6.4 cm

Colours available: Grey/Red or Matte Black

Gate Opening: 21mm

Material: Aluminium

Rating: 24KN

Standards: CE0333, EN12275:2013-B, EN362:2004-B, UIAA

DMM Ultra O Locksafe Carabiner

Approved to EN362:2004/B

Strength (Gate closed): 25kN

Gate Opening: 22mm

Weight: 73g