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English Braids Silva-Tex 20m Climbing Line Green - Spliced

This English Braids Silva-Tex24 30 metre climbing line comes pre-spliced with a tight eye.


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This professional English Braids Silva-Tex 24 EN1891 Type A super tough climbing line has heavy duty abrasion-resistant construction and an excellent energy absorption characteristic. This rope is an 11.7mm kernmantle constructed climbing line, manufactured with a tough Polyester 24-plait overbraid and a braided nylon core. The rope is designed and constructed to have a firmness and good hand feel. Designed specifically for the Arborist market.

English Braids Ltd was established in 1972 in order to supply rope and cord into the industrial market place. The company diversified into the Marine market place in 1980 and the passion for British manufacturing has always been at the heart of the operation and therefore considerations to move production to other areas have always been rejected. The focus on quality and the lack of attention on commodity markets has seen English Braids become one of the best known names in the UK yachting market. 

Professionally hand spliced and certified in New Zealand by Shift 2. 

1 x Tight eye splice
24-Strand construction
High grade Polyester cover
Good to handle
Braided twisted core
Made in the U.K.

Rope Diameter: 11.7mm
Breaking Load (kN): 22
Weight (Kg/100m): 9.29
Melting Point (Core): 220C
Melting Point (Cover): 260C
Abrasion Resistance (Core): Good
Abrasion Resistance (Cover): Excellent
UV Resistance (Core): Moderate
UV Resistance (Cover): Excellent
Shrinkage (Core): 0%
Shrinkage (Cover): 0%