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Donaghys Cougar Pink 30m Climbing Line - Spliced

This Donaghys Cougar Pink 30 metre climbing line comes pre-spliced with a tight eye.


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Donaghys Cougar is an 11.7mm 24-Strand high performance climbing line for use in sports climbing and professional Arborist applications. Superior double braid with abrasion resistant HT Polyester cover for improved grip and handling. Meets ANSI Z-133 standards

  • Will not milk when used with prusiks and traditional hitches
  • Light weight and flexible
  • Low stretch for excellent foot locking
  • Comes with a spliced eye by Shift2.
  • Works well with hardware
  • Meets ANSI Z-133 standards
  • Diameter: 11.7mm
  • Average Strength: 2800kg
  • Safe working load: 280kg