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CAMP 'Turbo Foot' Ascender - Left

Latest technology Left Foot Rope Ascender clamp from CAMP. NEW Revolutionary new design uses rollers to reduce rope friction.


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Hook these CAMP 'Turbo Foot' mini ascenders to your feet and climbing lines with greater ease than you ever imagined! Proprietary rollers positioned where the rope tends to rub on the body of a traditional ascender ensure smoother action and a longer product life for both the ascender and the rope. The toothed cam is finished with a special anti-wear treatment and features drain holes to help prevent the build up of mud, grit and ice. The innovative strap design provides a secure fit to any kind of boots or shoes and aligns the straps with direction of the forces being applied for optimal comfort and efficiency. 

High efficiency climbing, fits any boot
Low friction on the rope
No wear-and-tear on ascender and rope
Perfect for traverse rope situations
Aluminium Alloy structure, 3.5mm thickness
Side holes for self cleaning
Easy to use locking cam is precision casted stainless steel
Ergonomic button for descending. Large opening, it fits a finger with gloves
It can be used also as a locking pulley for hauling loads only
Can be used on ropes ranging from 10-13mm in diameter under EN12841/B
Can be used on ropes ranging from 8mm to 13mm under EN 567, UIAA
Two Versions available; 2259 Left (shown here) and 2258 Turbofoot Right.

Weight 135 gms
Certified to EN 12841/B - EN 567
Maximum Load: 150kg