Vesco Cutting Tools - Made in Italy

Posted March 23, 2018

Vesco Pruning Tools made in Italy to the highest standards, are our latest and most exciting range of pruning tools.


Vesco Pruning Tools made in Italy to the highest standards, are our latest and most exciting range of pruning tools.


Vesco is located in close vicinity to Maniago, a region with a centuries-old tradition of quality tool-making by highly skilled craftsmen, and with a particular emphasis on blades and cutting tools.  In fact, Maniago is so closely associated with blade and knife manufacturing it is commonly known as "The City of Knives”.  The region is also situated near some of the richest agricultural lands in Italy and Europe, creating a natural marriage of manufacturers and users.


VESCO has been operating for several years manufacturing items for professional pruning. Since the beginning, its main objective has been the production of exclusively professional items not only for professional people but also for quality discerning amateurs.

All VESCO tools are designed from start-to-finish to maintain a high-quality standard.  Each item is manufactured according to a detailed plan, with strictly enforced testing carried out by experts in the appropriate fields.  All products (and their various components) are subject to extensive research and material selection to guarantee superior quality and precision.  This dedication to quality design, engineering, materials, and manufacturing make VESCO products uniquely indispensable for professional use.


Vesco is currently most commonly known in New Zealand for its unique Curved Anvil Secateurs, however Vesco also features several other Secateurs, Loppers, Grafting Knives and Hedge Shears.  The main key feature that sets Vesco apart from many other brands is their use Hot Forging technology. 

We all have seen images of blacksmithing from days gone by: a hot fire, an anvil, and a man wielding a hammer, pounding away on a red-hot piece of metal, shaping it to his desire.

What man discovered so many centuries ago is still true.  Hot-forged steel is the strongest.  This is due to the molecular fibres of the hot steel being aligned by the combination of heat and pressure, simultaneously strengthening the metal, and allowing for a more slender, lightweight piece to be used.

However, this is a difficult and time-consuming process, and modern mass-production of pruning tools has mostly overlooked its advantages in pursuit of high production numbers and low costs.

The hot-forged manufacturing of steel still provides for the best quality, which is why VESCO uses it for the blades of every pruning tool they make.  Top-quality, high carbon steel is heated to 900 degrees C and then pressed and shaped in high pressure heavy presses (500 tons). 

VESCO then adds additional strength and durability through heat tempering the steel.  The result is an amazingly light-weight blade assembly which possesses great strength and a long-lasting cutting edge.  VESCO uses numerical-controlled equipment to precisely sharpen each blade, ensuring not only a sharp cut, but an exacting fit of the components.  Additionally, all VESCO manufactured blades have been designed with an internal grease-groove to provide for constant lubrication of the moving blades while in use.


In fact, good ergonomics are engineered into every VESCO tool, keeping the needs of the professional user in mind: long use, comfort, safety, and efficiency.  Many tools have optional handle sizes including an industry-rare sizing for many of VESCO's hand pruners: size ML for most users, and size S for those with smaller hands.


All of VESCO's tools have completely interchangeable replacement parts.  Whether the user is a professional or a serious home/hobby gardener, they will benefit from never again having to replace their tool due to use.  They will simply be able to replace any component as needed.

Using advanced technology, machinery, design, and materials, VESCO is committed to providing the best tool possible.  But there is also the human element to their tools that is often missing with other mass-produced tools.  Every tool is inspected, tested, and adjusted manually, creating the perfect match between modern technology and the craftsman's experience.  VESCO designs and engineers their tools following the suggestions and feedback of working professionals in the field, and each new model is thoroughly tested before it is placed on the market.


But perhaps most of all, you can trust that in any VESCO tool you are getting the world-renowned fine quality and precision that "Made in Italy" (and in particular made in Maniago, Italy) still accurately stands for.