The Importance of Tree Lopping

Posted February 2, 2022

Tree loppers are a vital gardening tool for the health of your trees. Read our latest blog to learn more.

Tree loppers are the tools used when arborists need to remove branches that aren't safe or could potentially harm the overall health of your tree. The main goal of this procedure is to create space for new growth and ensure the tree remains healthy and strong for future use. Today, we'll be going into detail on the vital role that tree lopping plays and how it's completed. 


Pruning is Critical for the Health of Your Trees

Tree pruning helps to ensure that your trees are thriving in dense clusters. While it can help the overall health of your tree, it also becomes beneficial throughout the winter when leaves are thin and susceptible to drying out. Lopping also helps prevent disease by removing infected or damaged leaves.

This is also important to the safety of the surrounding area. When trees grow too wide for the space they need to grow, they can interfere with building structure and other external factors, like vehicles. Additionally, trees can clog storm drains, sidewalks, driveways, and other areas. When left to grow naturally, this clogging can cause a build-up of sediment and debris, which can cause serious drainage issues, especially in flash flooding. 

Lopping assistance companies will take out unhealthy, shattered or useless boughs that have developed in young and established trees. This pruning will stop any microorganisms from growing that could otherwise infect healthier components of your tree's extensive vegetation. Which can benefit your home as a healthy tree can filter excess moisture, pollutants and retain appropriate amounts of nutrients in its soil and leaves, helping the rest of your garden's health too. 


How is Tree Lopping Performed?

An arborist completes tree lopping through multiple stages. These steps will include a complete assessment of your tree and its health, the surrounding areas that are potentially unsafe before deciding the most beneficial spots to remove branches without damaging its growth pattern. 

Tree arborists will cut branches that are growing in the wrong direction, which will allow the tree to develop the desired way but will leave more space between the tree and the branches it needs to grow in. If these trees are left to grow in the wrong direction, it can result in unstable weight distribution and possible toppling. 

Your expert arborist will use a mixture of tree loppers, small chainsaws, pruning tools and more to ensure that your tree is safely serviced. 


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