Skylotec PinchLock II Carabiner - new improved

Posted July 21, 2017

The Skylotec Pinch Lock II is an innovative carabiner from Skylotec.The gate (28 mm) can only be opened when both spring plates are pinched. Easy handling and greater safety.

The Skylotec Pinch Lock II is an innovative carabiner from Skylotec. The previous generation already used two spring plates to fix the gate, but for added safety the gate on the Pinch Lock 2 has been revised and the two plates have been improved without decreasing its comfort of use.

A debate that often comes up is whether this carabiner is actually classed as suitable for use with arborists. We have spoken to many professionals and yes everyone has their opinion! Our clear understanding with the Pinch Lock II is that it requires 3 distinct actions to open the gate.  Both side plates must be pressed at the same time to unlock the gate but you have to use you finger and thumb to do this before pulling the gate open. Many users have commented that it is extremely rare for pressure to come from both sides of the gate opening, at the same time, and the gate be pulled open. We stand to be corrected on this but the argument is very convincing and the German manufacturers are 100% confident in this improved edition.

Consequently the Skylotec Pinch Lock II is in stock here at MetroGreen and is being enjoyed by many arborists around the globe!  

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