Jameson launches new Throwline range

Posted March 25, 2019

Jameson Tools is proud to announce the new Tru-Shotâ„¢ range of Line Launcher, Throwlines and accessories


Jameson Tools of South Carolina, U.S.A is proud to announce the recent launch of its new Tru-Shot™ Line Launcher, Throwlines, and a range of Throw Bags specially suited for the Arborist market.

After carefull consideration, this range was selected to suit the various needs and demands of Arborists and Tree Workers around the globe.

The Tru-Shot™ Line launcher is Jameson's own branded version of the well known Big Shot™ which comes complete with the hollow fibreglass poles. This launcher has a tough replaceable pouch and tubing that launches the throw bag and line over tree limbs, delivering line up to 150’. For safety and effectiveness, we recommend using the Tru-Shot™ with Jameson FG or JE Poles in configurations of two 4’ poles or one 4’ and one 6’ pole, always starting with a Base Pole.

The Jameson Throwline options currently available in New Zealand are the Dyneema® 1.75mm x 180ft, Poly/Dyneema® 2.5mm x 180ft, and the Polyethylene 1/8in x 200ft. These 3 options cater for the Company Buyers, individual Arborist Experts, and 'occasional use' Tree workers. The 4 factors that define these throwlines is Strength, Line diameter, Cost and on a lesser scale - Colour. The premium option is the 100% Dyneema in bright orange sporting a break strength of 450 lbs (204kg), followed by the thicker neon green Dyneema/Polyethylene also with a break strength of 450 lbs (204kg), and lastly the entry level neon orange & yellow Polyethylene with a 250 lbs (113kg) break strength.  The Throw Bag range is available in 4 colourful options and weights of 10, 12, 14 and 16oz.

At MetroGreen we are very excited to get these products into the market here in New Zealand. The expansion of the Jameson range of pruning tools and accessories will not only further strengthen an already strong brand but also offer more to the Arborist market in terms of range and value for money.

Check out our range online today by clicking HERE!