Bulldog Solid Forged Garden Tools

Posted July 6, 2017

Bulldog Solid Forged Garden Tools are carefully crafted in the UK using the same traditional methods that were commonplace 50 years ago. These garden tools are built to last a lifetime!

Ever wondered what has happened to those good old garden tools that your grandparents had, that seemed to be able to last forever? Have you been searching in every hardware store around the country for a quality spade or fork but have come out empty handed every time? 

Bulldog Garden tools are exactly what you will be looking for. The solid forged heads are manufactured in the UK using high-carbon railway steel. This is the traditional material that was used for garden tools in the past times but in recent years fell out of favour with garden tool manufacturers as it was too expensive.

While cost cutting made sense to a small extent, the main result in our generation has been a massive flood of very cheap, inferior garden tools being flashed before our eyes - and we fell for it.  The products looked good, they were often stainless steel, the handles were ergonomic, and the tools were light and easy to use.  For the professional gardener and contractor, cheaper tools could keep their costs down which would mean that they made more money.  Unfortunately none of these factors ever came to fruition. In many cases the tools didn't survive to morning tea - and the costs didn't drop - if anything they went up.

Bulldog's range of tools have stayed with the traditional methods of manufacture.  The solid forged heads are made from a single piece of steel and the handles come in a series of options to suit the user. For example, our most popular Bulldog spade is the All Metal Spade pictured above that consists of a solid forged head, metal shaft, and a metal D-Grip handle with wooden grip.  A plastic sleeve covers the metal shaft for extra comfort - especially in the winter time.

We are often asked why none of our Bulldog tools are stainless steel. This is due to the fact that while stainless steel does not rust (once again depending on the quality), it is in fact a weaker steel than high-carbon steel and will bend or snap a lot easier.  This is not something that any contractor or even a keen gardener wants.

We invite you to call us today on 0800 89 27 26 to discuss our range of Bulldog tools. You won't be disappointed, and they still made in the UK!