Andrew Antelao Chainsaw Boots a world leader

Posted July 5, 2017

MetroGreen is pleased to stock the Andrew Antelao Chainsaw boots as our premium brand for Arborists. These boots feature Class 3 chainsaw protection making them some of the highest rated on the New Zealand market.

Over the years many different brands of Arborist boots have had their moments of glory in the New Zealand market.  Our biggest challenge has been to find a boot, or even a range of footwear that will stand up to the demands of our country's Arborists and Grounds Care personnel.  We reckon we have found what we are looking for - read on to find out yourself!

Too often brands from Europe and North America have launched their footwear onto the market only to disappear as quickly as they arrived.  Later we would discover that these genuinely innovative products had seriously missed one (or sometimes two), key features that could have revolutionized the safety footwear market.  This was very often due to the manufacturer wanting to mass produce and then mass retail the finished product.  Time and time again we would discover that despite the manufacturer's claims, the boots weren't watertight, the chainsaw protection was low, or the soles didn't last, the stitching was poor quality, or simply the boots gave out after 6 months.

As we all know, price is a big influence.  It influences the buyer, but it also influences the quality of the product.  The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ cannot be understated.  We all want to pay as little as possible for as much as possible, especially when it comes to Health and Safety.  

Somewhere in the big wide world there had to be a boot that would last, be comfortable to wear, stay waterproof, and have the optimum chainsaw protection.


The Andrew Antelao Chainsaw boot ticks every box we can find to tick.  Every complaint that we briefly touched on earlier in this blog has been taken into consideration during the design process.  The key factor of these boots is that you have to be prepared to pay for them. They are not the cheapest on the market but we can ensure you that they are the best!

These hand-made boots are manufactured in Italy using high quality materials. Their leather upper has minimal seams to allow water penetration, so much so that along with the Sympatex SPX membrane lining they are waterproof, windproof and highly breathable. They have Class 3 Chainsaw protection, Steel safety toe cap and a heel billow for anti tendonitis. Many other features also contribute towards the superiority of this footwear. In effect Andrew have taken their premium Antelao Hiking Boots and added the necessary features to make them a premium safety boot. Comfortable, long lasting and safe - end of story!