A Guide on How to Edge Your Lawn

Posted November 30, 2021

Metrogreen provide you with a guide on how to edge your lawn.

If you’ve nurtured your lawn from young seedlings, using lawn rollers and high-quality fertilisers to create a lush and beautiful mature lawn, but don’t go the extra length to edge your grass you may find all your hard work going to waste.  

Today we’ll be providing a guide on everything you need to know about edging to give your lawn the finishing touch it deserves. 


Benefits to Edging Your Lawn

Edging your lawn isn’t just beneficial for the appearance of your garden but can also work to prevent flowers in nearby garden beds from spreading out and growing through your lawn. It also acts as a visible barrier between your different yard zones and can act as a barrier, so people don’t walk where they aren’t supposed to be. 


Edging Equipment

Choosing the right kind of equipment to edge your lawn depends heavily on the size of your garden and your budget. If your lawn is used more frequently then you’ll require a more powerful tool for the job. In comparison a smaller lawn size that isn’t used as often will only require a pair of vertical cutting shears. 

If you have more than an acre of lawn, then a motorised edger will provide you with enough power and efficiency to get the job done. 

If you want a manual edger you can choose from a range of tools from landscaping edger’s to dual wheel rotary edger’s. You can also opt for a horizontal trimmer if you want a tool that can be used for edging and trimming when turned at a horizontal angle.  

For any maintenance or trimming you’ll also want an edging shear, for those last little odds and ends that your edger might’ve missed. 


How to Edge Your Lawn

Before you even get to the edging tools, you’ll need to mow your lawn and plan the path of your edging. Then you can get started on edging your lawn. If it’s your first time edging your lawn, consider starting in a less visible spot in case you make any mistakes. 

When using the edger, you’ll want to flip the head of the trimmer 180 degrees, making it vertical, with the deflector shield facing toward your body. Walk on the hard surface of the walkway or driveway as you edge.

Keeping your arms straight, move with deliberate motion, keeping the tool level. This will give you the straightest edge. 

Once you’ve finished edging your lawn you can use a stiff brush to clean all the excess grass and debris out of your tool, this means that next time you use it you won’t have to spend an extended amount of time removing these difficult materials. 


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